Happy First Advent to all of you!


..throught my stay in the beautiful country of Sweden, I got to know those wild strawberries which you can find almost everywhere during summer. After plucking you can just  thread them on a blade of grass like you see on the little sketch I just made before. Eat it with vanilla ice cream and decorate your bole by just putting the strawberry chaine on top.
Summer will come, soon or later,……………….I wish you good luck to find a great spot where you can pluck as many as you wish during  SUMMER 2013 :-)



…………….a little Potpourri of my work



……….hold out the coldness and darkness during wintertime by thinking of some wonderful memorys you collected last spring. The imagination of a colourful bunch of tulips in your favourite vase standing on your kitchentable helps you to travel through your mind feeling it:  SPRING :-)……..


Beech Tree & Birch Tree at BJÄRRED/ SWEDEN

sewing & acrylic

B l u e  H e a v e n

B l u e  H e a v e n _  s e w i n g  a n d  a c r y l i c  p a i n t  o n  l i n e n


A p p l e  T r e e  L e a f _ s e w i n g  a n d  a c r y l i c  p a i n t  o n  l i n e n


w o r k  i n  p r o g r e s s

Autumn Treasures

c o l o u r s _  s h a p e s _  s t r u k t u r e s
My collection of the day!
As going for a walk on this beautiful, sunny first of October I found that:
Leafes, so simple but still amazing how many different shapes, colours and struktures you can find when keeping eyes open.
That is just a little variation, autumn is not over and we can expect even more beauty.
Enjoy your next walk…. :-)